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Newborn Baby Logbook

This wee log book is the perfect companion for your first weeks in the land of motherhood, it's going to pass by in a bit of a blur.

With your trusty baby logbook beside you in those potentially difficult first weeks, you'll know your baby better than you know yourself and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

It's pre-printed with specific columns so you can easily keep a simple record of your baby's progress such as:

-Time of last feed and the breast side fed from

-Bottle volume

-If baby kept their feed down

-Time put to bed & time awake

-Baby's mood or activity when awake

-Nappy changes & poops

So you won't need to stress about remembering what you did all day, just log it as it happens. The first page has an example so you'll know how to use it.

This will also make a nice keepsake so you can look back and marvel about how you survived!

Made in New Zealand

96 pages for charting

Compact size 14.5cm wide x 10.5cm high

Spiral Bound